CargoWise Training Services

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

Many organizations do not fully benefit from the features available in CargoWise due to lack of knowledge regarding the use of key system tools and procedures.

Quality training sessions are a key for a successful new implementation as well as honing effective system use for companies that are already using CargoWise.

While CargoWise provides an enormous library of short training videos and workbooks, we seek to complement this material by providing:

  • Overall context of system navigation and the interoperability of different system modules.
  • Focus on the areas that frequently “trip up” operations staff and tips to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Instruction on organization-specific standard operational procedures.
  • Training that is tailored to the organization’s business requirements, so users learn the tasks they need in a familiar context.
  • Practical instruction interspersed with hands-on exercises to ensure that users can get the job done.

Whether directed to management, super-users, IT staff or general users, LC Strategies provides knowledgeable and approachable instruction in all areas of Cargowise system use, setup and administration.  We will adapt our approach to best suit the target audience, content and goals of each training session.

Training sessions can be provided on-site or remotely using effective videoconference tools that can be deployed whether your group is in a conference room or dispersed across multiple offices or locations.

Talk to LC Strategies about various approaches to provide the best instruction for new or existing CargoWise users.