CargoWise Implementation Services

Your House is only as strong as its foundation.

Most companies already running CargoWise will either praise the value of a careful implementation, or wish they had spent more time and care setting up the system properly prior to rolling it out across their organization.

The same holds true whether implementing CargoWise for the first time, beginning use of a new module or functionality, or even on-boarding a new customer.  Success, user & customer satisfaction, and ease of transition all rely on setting a good foundation for your launch.

LC Strategies believes that there are some critical elements to this good foundation:

  • A viable and realistic project plan with contingencies and risk analysis.
  • Proper setup of customers, agents, carriers, shippers, consignees, etc.
  • Extended attention paid to setup of high volume and key customers.
  • The right people in the right roles for managing the project and acting as super-users.
  • Preparing the operational environment with dashboards and screens already configured.
  • An effective learning plan with appropriate follow-through.
  • Commitment from all levels to meet project deadlines and go-live date.

The above are equally as important for small organizations as they are for larger enterprises.  The fundamentals are the same, only the scope and complexity change.

LC Strategies is committed to working with our customer to implement CargoWise in a manner that will give it the right foundation on which to build even the most impressive superstructure.  We know where the pitfalls, as well as the keys to a successful CargoWise implementation can be found and are ready to help you navigate through them.