CargoWise Health Checks

Is your organization getting the most out of CargoWise? 

There may be features and tools that your organization could be using but maybe they are being underutilized or not even used at all.  If so, you are paying for functionality that you are not benefitting from.  In most cases our consultants can find areas where the system is not being used to its fullest potential. 

Our goal is to see companies using CargoWise for all their daily tasks and reducing or eliminating the need for other tools and software where possible.  Repetitive and time-consuming tasks can often be addressed through workflows, changes to system documents or data entry automation. 

LC Strategies takes a three-pronged approach to identify areas where the system can be more fully utilized.

  1. Assess your user’s daily activities.
  2. Interview operations staff and management.
  3. Review your system data we seek to,

We strive to find system based approaches to ease time consuming activities, improve communication and increase visibility.

CargoWise is a complex system and often these areas can be addressed through some short training sessions or system tweaks.  Other times there are more involved solutions that may provide even greater value.

Use the features you are already paying for and reap the benefits of the world’s leading logistics platform.