CW Document Customization

Effectively presenting yourself to partners and customers.

Within the CargoWise system exists the means to modify or even completely redesign documents in order to deliver the content and look and feel that represents your style, services and customer’s requirements.  LC Strategies has the know-how to redesign these documents or even create new ones from scratch. 

Do you often find yourself opening documents in a PDF editor to “tweak” them before sending?

Document customization may entail just removing some content or changing a label, or it may mean an entirely new form that is required for a niche industry or specific customer. 

Some of the services often provided to our customers include:

  • Making documents stand out from the competition.  Make your booking confirmations, invoices, arrival notices and other customer directed documents an extension of your branding and marketing and have them stand out from the rest of the CargoWise crowd.
  • Addressing niche industry requirements.  Areas such as food and drug, agricultural or technology related fields often require specific forms to accompany the goods.  Providing these forms from CargoWise allows you to provide a value-added service without the need to use external form-filling tools or PDF editors.
  • Adding or removing data to existing documents in order to reduce questions and speed service delivery.
  • Meeting customer or service provider requirements by changing existing documents allows tailored service delivery without sacrificing productivity.

LC Strategies has the expertise to make CargoWise produce the documents you need, the way you want them.