Strategies for trade, logistics and Information Technology

Solution Packages

Below are various solutions that are available from LC Strategies. We combine expert services to provide actual solutions to real-time business problems. Our solutions are not limited to the items below, which have been provided to demonstrate the potential of LC Strategies’ services.

Duty Drawback/Relief Review
Are you paying more than you have to? Read more

  • Analyze client import history
  • Review duty-recovery opportunities under NAFTA, duty drawback programs, or specific duty remission program
  • Assist in processing duty recover claims with CBSA
  • Identify opportunities to avoid future payment of duties
  • Assist in implementation of duty relief recommendations

Canadian E-Manifest
For freight Forwarders and Importers

  • Create checklist and timetable for compliance
  • Assist in selecting appropriate technology partner
  • Review internal processes for compliance with new government regulations
  • Assist in coordinating testing and final implementation

Trade Compliance Assessment
Are you at risk?</>

  • Review company operations
  • Assess obligations under U.S. and Canadian Trade Regulations
  • Offer recommendations to strengthen your company’s trade compliance program
  • Assist in implementation of recommendations

Export Control Reform
What it means for you

  • Provide overview of recent changes to US ITAR & Canadian CGD rules
  • Offer recommendations on how regulatory changes specifically impact your operations

Controlled Goods Program Setup
Where to start?

  • Assist with filing registration application
  • Assist with development of mandatory security plan
  • Assist with instituting appropriate record keeping

 PIP & C-TPAT Setup
Secure supply chain operations

  • Assist with registration process
  • Help develop security profile that addresses supply chain risks
  • Support site visits by US & Canadian Customs Authorities

Information Systems Implementation
Maximize systems efficiency

  • Analyze business requirements
  • Assist in reviewing and selecting software offerings to meet business requirements
  • Work with users and IT solution vendors to manage software implementation
  • Coordinate and manage integration with other internal and external systems using standard and proprietary data interchanges

International Supply Chain Assessment
Optimize your supplier network

  • Identify foreign sourcing opportunities
  • Analyze international procurement strategies to minimize purchasing costs (e.g. inventory carrying costs, ordering costs, transportation costs, and duty)
  • Assist in developing  international transportation network to support foreign sourcing strategy
  • Assess Canadian customs clearance processes and requirements
New Exporter Setup
Expand into new markets with confidence

  • Assist with CBSA and DFATD account setups
  • Provide overview of relevant Canadian export regulations and foreign country import regulations
  • Assist with export paperwork preparation and filing (i.e. CAED and DFTAD Export Permits)
  • Identify international transportation options and  insurance requirements
  • Advise on contract delivery terms, and payment options (i.e. INCO Terms and letters of credit)